About Me

Hi, Iā€™m Judy Ghashim, UX Designer. My goal is to leave the planet better than when I found it and make my work more understandable, easy to use, and make the experience interesting for users. I decided to join Lambda School to study UX/UI design to strengthen my skills and move into a career that is aligned with my goals. I came to this school because I'm a huge believer in receiving and acting on feedback and improving my skills. Iā€™m sharing what I learned at Lambda School in Arabic on YouTube. UX is not available broadly in the Middle East and I want to share that with my community.Iā€™m Syrian American and have lived in the US for the last 8 years.

I was studying Business Administration in Syria and filmmaking after I moved to Jordan. This business and creative mindsets are critical parts of my work as a UX/UI designer.In late 2012, I was granted a Green Card and I moved to the US. My first Job in Houston was at Marshalls. I then worked at Apple as a Red Zone Specialist. Through these roles, I learned a lot about customer service and technology. These roles also demonstrate how my career has always been focused on the user, making their lives better.Things I like to do in my free time: Travel (I have visited 8 countries so far šŸ˜), watching movies, and volunteering. I want to learn how to play tennis (that is in progress šŸ˜) and yes this is my favorite emoji šŸ˜.

Got a project in mind? Let's make something awesome together.