Life fitness app

Redesigning web app that I did a while ago with developers to make it look even better. This app for people who like to track there fitness, and keep track of how they are doing, and what they aim to achieve(lose weight, build muscles,....)

Life Fitness
UX & 6 Developers
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Final design

I worked alongside other UX designers over the course of eight weeks. I was responsible for project management, research, synthesis and presentation materials for our client.
01 Research
02 Synthesis
03 Design
04 Iterate
05 Deliver

The original design

It’s hard to keep track of how many reps you can do at a time, or how much you usually deadlift. Life Fitness was a one month project to build a desktop app that keeps it all organized and tracked for you.

How did I start the design process of the original one?

We began our mission

Our aim was to build an application where users can log in and create, review, update, and delete data on their workout. The tool should, at a minimum, allow them to create a name for each exercise, date, record the amount lifted or reps completed and capture target regions of the body for each exercise. So where to start?

We began doing some brainstorming

We began to do some background work. What types of functions would an application need to encourage users to stick to an organized workout routine without having the accountability of a personal trainer? A few brainstorming sessions later, we had a list of some essential functions:

  • Tracking reps
  • Presenting types of lifts
  • Recording dates completed
  • Visually demonstrating the specific exercise
  • Highlighting region of the body that was targeted in the workout
  • Providing the ability to review data from previous workouts

Getting to know our target user

We began doing research to understand our target user, the average non-gym goer that wants to stay active. You know that person that always makes a New Years resolution to lose 30 pounds… every year? We began surveying potential users to understand what functions and features they like or dislike and what they would want to get from the app. Understanding the user is always the first step of a project, at the end of the day, they are the customer! After a few research sessions, I had developed a persona for our project.

Why did I decide to redesign the Life Fitness App?

Taking it one step further.

When I began to do the last round of usability testing, I recognized that it was not clear to the user how to interact with the app. The user took time to understand where to click to access the calendar and hesitated on how to log in and log out.  Some of the design elements seemed to take away from the user experience, such as, wide spacing between elements or vague icons.

Furthermore, I wanted to take the UI to another level to take advantage of the extensive user reached that I had done. I added features that would engage the user, such as, chatting with friends, water tracking and statistics and the ability to access customer support for questions.

I took on this project because it allowed me to leverage my creative skills and drive to take an ordinary app and turn it into something extraordinary. 💪🏼